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Someone Remembered to Tag Me

Journal Entry: Tue Feb 24, 2015, 5:48 PM
Blood on the Dance Floor

Yeah Tagged by :iconmooshkasblue-fox:

1. Name

You aint getting the real one

2. Name Backwards

Aniju backwards is Ujina 

3. Were you named after anyone?

I'm named after someone in the Bible but I can't find them

4. Name Meaning?

I don't know and don't care 

5. Nicknames

Aniju, the girl with the dog and Mullet's Sister 

6. Screen Names

Aniju Aura, I just stick with that. 

7. DoB

4/20 It's sucks 

8. Place of Birth


11. Star Sign (What the hell happened to 9 and 10? XD)

Aries/ Taurus 

12. Religion

I don't believe in any religion but I believe there is a higher being, I just lack a name for it. My friends told me I am agnostic so I am sticking with that.

13. Height

Ummmmmmmmm yes

14. Weight

Ummmmm I don't know 

15. Shoe Size

Uh what ever fits

16. Hair Colour

Brown and blonde now 

17. Eye Colour

Brown? I avoid eye contact in the mirror 

18. What do you look like?

I look like me 

19. Innie or Outtie?


20. Righty, Lefty or Ambidextrous?

Right Handed 

22. Best Friend(s)

:iconmadhatterspet: she lives with me now
Shit loads of people online :3 I just lost contact with them :C

23. Friends you trust the most

:iconmadhatterspet: :iconmooshkasblue-fox: and :iconmeer12345: but I am too trusting 

24. Best Friends (same sex)

:iconmadhatterspet: and :iconmooshkasblue-fox: 

25. Best Friends (opposite sex)


26. Best Buds


27. Boyfriend/Girlfriend

None at the moment 

28. Crush?

I don't know, it's confusing  

29. Parents

I have both

30. Worst Enemies

I avoid them like the plague 

31. Favorite Online Guys

 :iconzeurel: :iconsirwendigo: :iconnotdamien: Damien through a loop but I still count him as a dude 

32. Favorite Online Girls

:iconmooshkasblue-fox: :iconmeerkatgal: :iconlilaira: basically everyone I follow 

Where's for people you don't know what gender they are? 

33. Funniest Friend

Ummmm my friend Jackie but I'll stick to people on DA :iconastralfleur:

34. Craziest Friend

Oh Jackie wins the cake here, you don't understand, when me and her get together >;3 

35. Advice Friend

I tend to give advice but Davey and :iconmadhatterspet: give me advice 

36. Loudest Friend

Davey and Jackie 

37. Person you cry with

I don't like crying in front of other people 

38. Sisters?

I have no sisters

39. Brothers?

I have a brother 

40. Pets?

Figero by Aniju-Aura Dog Town by Aniju-Aura 

41. A Disease

Hypertrophic cardiomyopathy I don't know how to pronounce that. It's not a disease, it's a condition though. 

42. A Pager


43. A personal Phone line

There's a plug for one in my room but it's not being used 

44. Cell Phone


45. A lava lamp

There was one in my house at one point

46. A Pool or Hot Tub?

No but I slept in a waterbed, but it was just the frame with a regular mattress in it 

47. A Car?


48. Personality

I am the Composer

49. Driving

Driving is so uncomfortable, I hate it

50. Car you want

PC Crooper or Slug Bug, not the new make them cotton candy colors and I'll be happy, but I hate driving 

51. Room

I have lived in all the rooms in the house now 

52. Mmh


53. School

Not currently 

54. Bed

I'm supposed to get a new one but right now I am sleeping on a hospital bed of some kind. I don't know how my mom got this 

55. Relationship with your parents

I'm good with my mom I guess but I rather not see my dad, there's till resentment  

56. Do you believe in yourself?


57. Do you believe in love in first sight?

At some point you will see the person you will fall in love with a marry or whatever for the first time. You may not be in love with them immediately but you will see the person you will fall in love with for the first time once you see them. 

58. Are you a good listener?

Yeah c: 

Where is no. 59?

Right here, it this where I put the people I don't know what gender they are?  This person :iconscarlet-harlequin-n: is favorite of unknown genders. Maybe their a hermaphrodite. :meow: 

60. Do you get along with your parents?

I'll get along with them because I have to but I rather be left alone 

61. Save your email conversations

I don't email people 

62. Pray.

God had his chance, he wasn't there for me 

64. Do you like to make fun of people?

Not really 

65. Like to talk on the phone?

I don't like answering the phone unless I know who it is and there are only like three people who call me 

66. Like to eat

Yeah Foods good I guess. I have a high metabolism so I have to eat a lot to live, but I can't eat large amounts . I'm skinny though 

67. Do you like to drive?


68. Get Motion Sickness

No I don't think so. I don't know I been on boats, planes and roller coasters but they scare me because they move fast and are loud but I don't get sick. Surprisingly for my stomach issues 

69. Eat the stems of the broccoli 

Broccoli's good 

70. Eat Chicken Fingers with a fork

Chickens don't have fingers 

71. Dream in Colour?

I dream in color 

72. Type with your fingers at home row

Um kind of 

73. Type with your fingers at home row

Maybe, I don't know, doesn't look like 

74. Right next to you

To my right is usually a dog but they are outside 

75. On the wall of the room

I haven't hung my mirror um, that's the only this I put on my walls 

76. On your mouse pad

I have a laptop 

77. Your dream car

PC Cooper or Slug Bug or a Mustang 

78. Your dream date


79. Your Dream Honeymoon Spot

Ummmm just take me to go see the meerkats 

80. Your Dream Husband/Wife


81. Your bedtime

Whenever my body decides to sleep 

82. Under your bed

This be has like wheels and gears and things because it's supposed to be lifted up and moved around. I am supposed to have a new bed with drawers so I can store things in it. 

83. The single most important question

Your Favorite Color? 

84. Your worst time of the day

When I have nothing to do

85. Your worst fear(s)

Bad things happening to by dogs, they are my babies 

86. The weather like

It was sunny today 

87. The time

5:34 pm

88. The DATE

February 24 

89. The best trick you played on someone

No not really 

90. The weirdest food/drink you like

Ummmm I don't really eat weird food, kind of can't, stomach problems :c 

91. A theme song

My old theme song no longer applies not that I am not lonely anymore. Here have Strange

92. The hardest thing about growing up

Growing up 

93. The funniest moment

You would have to have been there 

94. Your scariest moment

When I was like 2 or 3 my dad took me and my brother outside at night to go look at the spiders in the tree. There were a shit load of spiders and they came down all around me and since then I have been afraid of spiders. That night I had nightmares while awake of clumps of spiders in the shape of skulls coming down from the ceiling. I had to sleep with my parents. Thanks dad. 

95. The silliest thing you ever said

Ummmm it would have to been whenever me and Jackie play with our characters together and Dante days something. 

96. The funniest or most desperate thing you've done to get the attention of the someone

I draw other people's characters when I want attention, but I also do it to make them happy for a little while because then that will make me happy. It's like I am trying to infect myself with happiness by making someone else happy. 

97. The scariest thing that's ever happened while with your friend

They made me ride the Jaguar at Knotts Scaryfarm, that was like the scariest this there. Never again. Hate roller coasters 

99. The best feeling in the world

Not being depressed 

100. People you tag

Let me see who would actually do it out of the people I watch. I think you'll do it :iconevergrass:, :iconsugarhigh123:, :iconshadofswad: :iconsabregust: :iconpixillon12donuts: I think they will do it and I haven't spoken to them in awhile 

  • Listening to: Strange by DJ Cyber



United States
Current Residence: Earph
Favourite genre of music: Techno, Eclectic House, Dark Electronic House, Goa, Trance, Industrial Music
Favourite style of art: Whatever interest me
MP3 player of choice: Anything that plays me some music
Shell of choice: Sea shells!
Wallpaper of choice: The kind that comes off easy
Skin of choice: Skin Cells
Favourite cartoon character: That one guy from that one show
Personal Quote: "Art Loves Music"

I Love Meerkats by Cackleberry Meerkat M. Stamp- Shakespeare by MeerkatManorFanClub Meerkat Manor Stamp- Mozart by MeerkatManorFanClub Meerkat Manor Stamp- Tosca by MeerkatManorFanClub Meerkat Lover Stamp by Meerkat-Gal KMP - Stamp by Simply-Jax Animal lover. by Monster-Boar Bats Are Cute Too by genkistamps I Love Rats Stamp by NickiStock Black moors. by Monster-Boar techNO FOREVER stamp by DeviantSith Electronic Music Stamp by xXCougarXx Trance Stamp by rustyrayz BOTDF stamp by zombisu ...AFI... by sophie12345 Linkin Park Stamp by Sora05 Stamp -Shade- 2 by Metal-CosxArt Warriors Stamp by Liefhouse Watership Down Stamp by StampAG .:Bakugan stamp.: by Romerade The Hunger Games Stamp by TwilightProwler Skyrim by skinnyveestamp Fus Ro Dah - Stamp by suzidragonlady Skyrim Khajiit Stamp by WeirdHyena M'aiq stamp by Boarfeathers Dark Brotherhood - Cicero Stamp by VirulentRequiem Paarthurnax stamp by MorgantheKeaton Odahviing Stamp by MorgantheKeaton Alduin Stamp by AuriV1 Black Ace Stamp by FragmentChaos Friendship IS Magic by Mistralla I Love Jumpstyle - Stamp by Eternalskyy Deino Stamp by ToxicRainbowCupcakes Melbourne Shuffle Stamp by Tripp-X-Foxx Phat Pants, stamp by JazzaX DAD by Anleva Cybergoth by BL00DIEDHELL Love Digimon and Pokemon Stamp by Mysticom Stamp: Morgan Freeman, God by senshuu Tardigrade Love Stamp by kyphoscoliosis


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