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Jan 24, 2015
12:48 am
Jan 24, 2015
12:47 am
Jan 21, 2015
12:26 am
Jan 18, 2015
6:10 pm
Jan 16, 2015
11:59 pm



January's Update

Journal Entry: Fri Jan 16, 2015, 6:07 PM
Blood on the Dance Floor

A lot has happen since the beginning of this year. Saw like the last haft hour of the Rose Parade. Was it good this year? What was the theme? I don't know. I worked on one of the floats many years ago. :P

I got my hair cut similar to Dante's but not quite. To pull off Dante's look, the yellow needs to grow out a bit and I would need to straighten it. So for my birthday I just want a hair straightener. 

It's crunch time for cleaning the house. I got my room full of boxes filled with stuff I want and things I will give to Goodwill. My mom finally started cleaning out her room and has been moving rather fast. I picked out my color I want to paint my new room. I picked a color called Lavender Princess because it was light yet bright enough for my new smaller room. I didn't want a dark color because the room would be too dark, but it gets a lot of sun in the evening so I didn't want my room to be too bright. When we went to go get Danielle and Will's keys made, I looked at some other colors and saw some other pretty purples. I really like the color purple for some reason. Now my color I picked seems more pink than purple. For the longest time I couldn't pick between a lavender, a light pink or a light blue. I originally wanted cotton candy colors, two walls be pink and two be blue with a lavender ceiling. I think I'll decorate my room with cyan, purple and pink things. Hmmm I am going from a red room with black, golden and white decorating to a more girly room. Eh I'm a girl, I'm allowed to do that. :3 

Will has already roomed in, living my my dad's room, which was once mine. I will be giving them my room because it is the biggest. My mom has started telling me she is a little upset that I gave away my room, when she was originally going to give them her room. My mom's room is the smallest in the house, we only have three bedrooms. My Brother moved into the trailer in the back and later into the RV, but now he lives in the living room. And oh my God is the living room messy! I don't mine if the bedrooms are messy but they places people are going to see need to be clean, living room, restroom and kitchen. D:< But he has no choice because he has no room. My mother doesn't understand that we want to move him into a room someday. My parents don't technically live her anymore, they gave us the house and moved to an apartment at the beach. My mom is having a difficult time letting go. Well right now I just want to get me move into my new room and give my bigger room to the two people moving in. Danielle will be moving in in February. Someday I like to be independent of my parents, something that is rather impossible when living in California. Living in expensive. Might have to move to of the state. There are still job problems here. 

My friends and I cleaned out my room Sunday and come Monday I discovered my tablet pen was missing. I looked everywhere and couldn't find it. Trash day is Monday morning and by the time I found out it was missing, the trash-man already had came so there was no way of looking to see if it accidental got thrown out. :c It could have been mistaken as trash. I know I put it back in the place I keep it because I had used it to draw "My Boys are Hungry," only a few hours before. Well I looked around the internet to buy a replacement but it would have been 30 bucks to buy a new pen, and 60 to buy a new tablet that comes with a new pen and cord. My old tablet's cord had become finicky over the past year, I had to tape it and curl it to make it work. That was fine, it worked and nothing was wrong with the tablet itself and the pen worked well, up until I lost it. So I decided to just order a new tablet. Best Buy sells them for 70 bucks though. I have been without a pen for four days and I really wanted to draw. I finally found a website called Rakuten which sells Tablets straight from the manufacturer so the cost is lower. I got a new tablet and pen for around 50 because of tax but shipping was free! It came in today and I am so happy! I could have drawn traditionally, but everything I wanted to draw requires Paint Sai. Plus I did try to draw but it felt empty so it failed. I just kept being reminded that my pen was missing and I get sad. But Now I have a new one and I want to try it out! Oh joys! Everything is Sunshine Smiles and Rainbow Dust! 

Well actually, I am though having pain on my sides in areas. It started as a stinging pain like long my veins or something. It started in November was the first time I felt it but it went away and then started again at the end of December and it has just become pain in January. I will be seeing the doctor for that. I did some research and I think it's either caused by stress or maybe I hurt something while cleaning, moving heavy boxes. It started to scare me in December, though maybe I had cancer from where it is, but cancer doesn't cause pain. So that's comforting to know. I bet it's stress. My mom has made things difficult. I really would have likes to have done the move of rooms already. It's crunch time! I need to get things done! D:< I'm sure it's nothing serious because it doesn't fit the description of horrible diseases, but I want to get it checked because it's starting on the other side too. 

And that's about it. Oh because Danielle's family is selling their house, they gave us their refrigerator and Dish Washer. I always wanted a Dish Washer. c: Oh and I also got a Skype so if you want to add me, just note me. I don't know if I will use it a lot. Just have it for the YouTube channel my friends want to make. So yeah. A lot going on in January, and it's only haft way over, and I hope to have everything done in February. 

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