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Nov 23, 2014
2:47 pm
Nov 23, 2014
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Nov 22, 2014
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Nov 22, 2014
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Nov 21, 2014
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Journal Entry: Sun Nov 2, 2014, 5:18 PM
Blood on the Dance Floor

And it's depressing. Usually my blog are depressing. D: 

Lana, my four month old kitten is missing! :sad: She's been missing since Wednesday October 29. I'm hopeful she will return because our older cat Figero disappeared for three months and came back. It's just life is miserable without my lively kitty. What scares me more is there was a warning going on on Facebook about people stealing cats for some kind of sacrifice on Halloween. However that was more for black cats and Lana was a mixtures of browns. I keep hoping she will just jump over the fence and be back in the yard. It's been raining since Halloween so maybe that will drive her home. She better come back, she's eased the pain of losing Chico. 

My grandmother fell and broke some of her ribs a few weeks ago. She's been in an elderly hospital for the time being. She's doing surprisingly well but do to her age and her dementia, she doesn't know why she is there and keeps trying to get out of bed. She doesn't remember falling so no one knows how it happen. My parents have been pushing my grandfather and uncle to get her a caretaker for the past few years but he always refused. Hopefully now he will see she needs ones. 

October is my favorite month but it was a big disappointment really. It was better than last year mental wise until Grandma got hurt and Lana disappeared. I had wanted to throw a party so I could just stay home and keep the dogs quiet. I didn't want them barking at people walking around and it was reported to rain later in the night of Halloween which it did. However a lack of money and the news of a friend throwing a party, I wasn't home. The days leading up to Halloween, I had been having chest pains, which the doctor told me they were cramps from stress, losing Lana, Grandma, money problems and things in general had been causing it. I've been doped up on pain pills for that. The party was okay but kind of boring after awhile, but it was better than staying home alone. I got like three or four trick-or-treaters before I left the house so I have some candy left over. No trick-or-treating for myself this year do to the rain and how late I left the house to get to the party. Other people have been causing problems for me that isn't necessary. And it's all out of my control. If they would just stick to the plan or be considerate to other people everything would be fine. I guess people are just stupid. I got held bad because of my best friend's father promised to take us early but then dumped a ton of work on her and her boyfriend at the last minute making us three hours late. :angry: So we ended up walking there which really tired me out do to the rush. My heart man! :shocked: We also walked home in the rain and got sprayed by some sprinklers that shouldn't have been on. It's raining people! Turn off your water! My legs are sore because I don't exercise but I do stretches because that's what my heart can handle. I can walk but not at a super fast paced to get to somewhere and get out of the rain.  Oh well it all happened and is over with. Halloween was a bit of a let down but it was an experience. At least I have been doing better than my best friend. Life has been hell for her mostly because of school and her father. Soon they will move in to my house and we can be done with her parents.

Do to the Guro Challenge, I was unable to draw anything for Moray. Sad dummy But I completed the challenge so that's an accomplishment. Now if only people who promise me things would come throw. I need to make more adoptables because the last ones got me no money at all. When Will moves in at least we will get his food stamps. I need to go to the dentist for my teeth. Stupid body why can't you be healthy. 

November, just be better than October. That's all you have to do. On the bright side it's raining for the first time in months. :larain: Like actual rain, not a little sprinkle. It's been dry here. The turtles are in hibernation so now I don't have to care for them. The fish are also slowing down and don't eat as much during the winter. They do some kind of semi-hibernation. The frogs will also hibernate too so I will only have to care for the mammals. Save money on caring for less animals. The birds are flying south, so no more pretty birds in the yard though. Only problems when it rains the internet messes up a bit and sometimes the power goes out. Oh well, maybe Lana will come home. I need Lana to be home. I can handle everything else that comes as long as Lana and all my pets are safe. It's the not knowing that is the worse. I don't know if she's dead, hurt or if someone stole her. She's super friendly. If she's dead there's nothing I can't do about it. If someone has her, hopefully they are good people and will care for her. We will make some Lost Cat posters soon. Lana come home! Really Sad 

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United States
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