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Klimatjies and the JaXX

Journal Entry: Mon Dec 15, 2014, 7:31 AM
Blood on the Dance Floor

Just figuring things out for the JaXX Tribe and need somewhere to put it. Just writing this things down for myself so I can remember. Probably going to add and change stuff. 

Varn - Caretaker, Member of the Elder Council 
Varn's Mate - works as a guard (Think of name, something with a K)
Rigel - Eldest child, mates with Chinook
Second Son - Works as a guard (Think of name)
Third Son - Black and red hair (Think of name)
Cyro - cares for Snigher
Fifth Son - Barely past maturity (Think of name)
Sixth Son - Multi-colored hair Strata Breed (think of name)
Seven Son - youngest child (think of name)

Not sure if Reaver will be a member of Varn's family or not. 

Chinook - Jasper and Frida's son, a prince, member of the Elder Council, revived the JaXX Tribe 
First Son - Eldest Son, Sid's Older bother has a mate of his own and two children
Second Son - Sid's older brother
Sid Vicious - 18 years old, Third child, 
Third Son - Twin, Sid's younger brother
Fourth Son - Twin, Sid's younger brother
Youngest Son - couple months old 

Klimatjies are found on the planet of Althra. Jasper is from the kind of Sparthia however Klimatjies are found all across the planet. 

Klimatjies are human like creatures with transforming abilities and use of magic. Slightly animal like in behavior, highly intelligent, can be born with multi-colored hair usually related to breed. Klimatjies live in family clans led by the eldest members of the group, usually the parents. Klimatjies mate for life and can have several children within their long life time. Klimatjies are kind of like the elves of their world, in which they age every slowly after puberty and can long life-spans. Each breed has their own behavioral and cultural differences. 

Most of the population are hermaphrodites with pure males being rare and pure females being even rarer. They don't real sexual maturity until the age of 18, at which they begin to age more slowly. Puberty lasts from the ages of 18 to 21 and during this time they get magic serge which can be discomforting. These happen whenever and stop around the age of 21, however the "males" will go into heat for three or four days every few years. This is the only time children can be sired. Couples mate whenever they feel like it but won't run the risk of having children. The whole family and clan actually helps rear children together. Every breed of Klimatjie has their own rituals for right of passage and marriage.  

Clan members spend a lot of time socializing with each other, mostly in the form of grooming. Klimatjies are particularly very clean and like to groom themselves and each other. They also make a lot of soft noises while doing so to each other. Most Klimatjies will go out hunting and enjoy the wilds Except for the Strata Klimatjies (The ones with the brightest colored hair) 

Klimatjies have the ability to use magic. There is no difference of magic levels between the different breeds, just different magic levels between individuals. Klimatjies may favor one kind of magic over another or may practice several. Each individual has a strong connection with an element such as Sid Vicious favors fire while Jasper prefers darkness. Practicing one kind of magic does make the individual weaker to the other kinds of magic, such as the opposite element. Children are taught basic healing and self defends skills. There is no age point in which Klimatjies begin to use magic, it comes when it comes. Usually children at the age of 10 to 12 magic started to kick in. 

Klimatjie Breeds
The JaXX family is a clan of mutts with individuals featuring traits of each breed. (All breeds can mate with each other)

Swamp Breed (Think of name) Varn is a member of this breed. Usually traits are pale skin with dark rings or marking around the eyes and dark colored lips. They keep their hair with one side longer than the other, kind of naturally grows like that. Hair color is usually darker colors, however depending on which swamp they are from, some lighter hair colors can occur mainly in mix-breed individuals. Swamp breeds are generally very friendly, however they have a menacing appearance. One of the most social and crave interaction with others. Adore children and have a soft spot for anything small and cute. Love sweets. Swampies piercing their ears to show their marriage. 

Tundra Breed (Think of name) Cutthroat is a member of this breed. Closely related to the Swamp breed, they also have dark rings around the eyes to help with glare and reflecting light off of snow. The Tundra breed likes colder climates and are the most clanish of the Klimatjies. They dislike interacting with others in larger groups. They prefer to stay within their own territories and live in small clans usually made up of a breeding pair and their children who have not found mates yet. They are one of two breeds that individuals can live perfectly find on their own. They enjoy making things with their hands and like shiny objects, also have a habit of collecting them. 

Forest Breed (Also may be found in glassy areas) The Breed Jasper is mostly. The Forest breed generally have darker colored hair like black or brown with highlights of a bright color, such as Jasper's black hair with red fringes. In this breed the color of the streaks reflects the individual's magic levels. Red being the most strongest, however purple is the most rare with blue, yellow, orange and sometimes green being the most common. The streaks or highlights will come in later in life. (Jasper was born with pure black hair and the red faded in later when he was around 12) Forest Breeds are considered the most wild, preferring to live at the edge of the cities and spend most of their time living a tribal life style. Forest Klimatjies tattoo their bodies to show rank, marriage status and to show what clan they belong to. 

Strata Breed (Scene Kids basically) The Strata breed are recognized by their brightly colored hair and favoring bright and colorful outfits. This breed originates from the warmer climates such as the tropics. (They are the birds of paradise breed) Stratas like to accessories with bright clothes, shiny jewelry and usually put feathers somewhere on their body. They are highly social and crave attention. They are the most vocal as well and the most cleanly. They spend about half of their day fussy over themselves and each other. Stratas dislike the cold. There are two kinds of Stratas, ones with pastel colored hair and those with neon color hair. There isn't much behavior difference between the two kinds of Stratas, just color of hair. 

Shadow Breed (Sometimes called the Dark Breed) They have red and black hair, sometimes other colors but usually just black hair with the tips appearing red. (This is an actually coat color some dogs can be born with, it has a name I just don't know it) Shadows are a bit anti-social, very quiet and extremely protective of their clan-mates. They usually have dark markings on their face or body and have red, orange, yellow or even white eyes. Shadows are know to be biters, they will nip at others they don't like and tend to bite and chew on objects for various reason such as being nervous or overly excited. The Breed hails from the mountains in the darker forests that surround them. The breed came from the Forest Breed though they behave a bit like the Tundra breed. They are the biggest breed, in weight. Shadows then to be covered in scars because they get into scuffles with others a lot, more so in cities than in the wilds. Shadows had the most trouble adapting to city life than the other breeds. 

Whatever Cyro is (Kind of another Swamp breed, a breed that came from the swamp breed) This breed is the tallest, and considered very shy, however they are just not seen often. This breed has kept mostly away from the cities and remained in their home territories. They have more fluffy hair compared to the Swamp breed. They have similar personality traits to the Swampies, and are known for liking snuggling. 

May add more later to the breeds.

Sparthia Kingdom

Slavery was a thing in Sparthia for some reason (I needed it for Jasper's backstory) When Frida(An actually female) and Jasper took the throne, the abolished slavery. Varn actually started caring for children before this happen and he began to adopt the now freed slave children. He helped them re-unite with their families to the best of his ability. The kingdom got in a fight with another and war broke out. Frida died in battle leaving Jasper to rule the kingdom on his own and raise their son Chinook who was about a year old at the time. In their society the royal family actually had several females in it, and when the crown king or queen died, their mate may continue to rule as long as they had had children, an hire, with the royal family member. (This is where their society difference from most found on Earth) After Frida died, Jasper did alright for a bit until some of Frida's cousins began attempting to overthrow Jasper to take the throne for themselves. This caused Jasper to become paranoid during with the death of his mate, the on going war and the conspiracies. Eventually Jasper turned on the royal family and a small civil war began in the kingdom among the richer families. Jasper killed off several members of the royal family. This caused an Aura named Zarathustra to come to the planet to end the conflict. He instead sealed Jasper away and ended the war and the civil war. When he left, a new queen named Flo was crowned and she ruled for several years. She managed to make peace with their neighboring kingdom however her reign was cut-short when she was overthrown by her sister named Billy. She caused another war with their neighbors and began to enforce strict rules and laws that forced several Klimatjie clans to have to give up their tribal life-style and live in the cities. The people became unhappy and that caused another Aura, this time Aniju to come to the planet. During this time Jasper was freed by Olly and seek his revenge by causing a revolution. Billy was eventually overthrown and she fled the planet with the DeathTones. Jasper killed off the last remaining members of the Royal family, mostly related to Billy with disease leaving only few members of the royal family left. Flo's children actually disappeared leaving just Cecil who had no interest in becoming king. 
Chinook was an adult by this time was the last hire to the throne, however even also had no interest in becoming king. He had started his family by then with Regil and had no time nor any idea on how to rule a kingdom. Instead he set up an Elder Council to run the kingdom, this way no one person would have way too much power. Chinook and Varn became members of the Elder Council along with several individuals whom at this point Zarathustra came back and appointed. (Zarathustra and Orion actually made this planet) 

Chinook's History - Before he got sealed away Jasper gave Chinook to Varn to take care of him while he dealt with the uprising. Chinook bonded with Varn's eldest son Rigel. The two became best friends and eventually mates as they got older. Chinook was never treated like he was royalty because Billy had basically disowned him from the family. Chinook took the JaXX Clan's name as his last name. (In Klimatjie society, individuals don't change their last names when they get married. They keep the name of their clan they were born in as their last name. If they join another clan or form their own they still keep their last name, but their children will have the name of the clan they are born into. If two individuals form their own clan their children with have the name of the new clan they formed.) As the last member of the JaXX, or with their blood-line, Chinook decided to revive his father's tribe and Regil agreed. Although Regil liked what his parents were doing, he really wanted his own children, rather than caring for others. 

Varn's History - Varn was born in the swamps but his family had moved to one of the swamp cities. There he met his mate and had
 been already adopting children. Before hand Varn already been blessed by Orion with mortality because he had been caring for others, mostly children from slave families. Orion gave him new abilities so he could care for others. Varn made quite the name for himself by then and he already had Regil a year before he was given Chinook by Jasper to care for. He took care of Chinook and kept him hidden from the royal family who already disowned him. Varn and his mate eventually set up other foster homes, they encouraged other swamp breed members to do the same after they were forced into the city. They actually moved again when slavery was abolished so Varn to care for children in a large more dense city. When Billy caused Klimatjies to give up their cultures this didn't effect Varn too much. When Billy was overthrown, many Klimatjies returned back to their home last, however many stayed in the cities and revived their cultures. Varn remained in the cities and actually moved to another to be closer to the capital because Chinook wanted him to be a member of the Elder Cousin. 

Varn has the gift of immortality, however he can be killed but will heal and come back to life. His other abilities include being able to sense when someone needs him, they have to be within his kingdom but he mostly helps those within a curtain distance. His magic levels were also increased and he was given the ability to move at rapid speed so he can reach those who need him quickly. Varn wasn't much of a flier, he actually didn't have this ability but Orion have him the ability to fly which took Varn some time to get used to. He actually didn't like heights. Orion also gave him calming abilities so he could sooth others as well as more healing magic. Varn also gained the memories of his past lives. He likes to tell his mate about things they did in previous lives because his mate asks about their past lives a lot. Varn can also sense others given blesses by the Auras and he came communicate with them telepathically if he needs to. 

Most of the children Varn cares for are children of one unstable adult and usually a guard or another unstabled, because when young adults go into heat for the first time, resisting the urge to mate is quite difficult. The Unstabled make an easy target. 

The Aura - (Kind of need to explain this) Zarathustra and Orion made the planet and the inhabitants together. They work together a lot. How they set up the planet a re-incarnation system. Souls live a life, have the same mate every time, they just have different bodies and then they return to the afterlife, float around there for a bit and then get born again. Their children can be different, but mates will always find each other. While in the afterlife the souls are able to remember their past lives as they await to be reborn. Occasionally Orion or Zarathustra will return to the planet to check up on it or fix something. Orion tends to distant himself form his creations and rather have them solve their own problems, while Zarathustra goes into "mommy mode." Sometimes individuals prove themselves to the Auras and they grant them special gifts. During Varn's lives he had always been caring despite what breed of Klimatjie he was born in. In his current life, Varn had please both Orion and Zarathustra and Orion gave Varn immortality so he could continue caring for children and others and he gave him some other ability to aid him. Varn isn't the only one granted a gift from the Auras. 

Cyro- Varn's fourth son, He enjoyed helping his daddy Varn care for other children when he was young. He he got older he noticed that although Varn was caring for the children and helped them have a better life, their parents were generally stayed the same. He set out to help unstable adults and tried to get their minds stable enough to be suitable parents. Varn encouraged Cyro to do his best. Would go with his father to the nearby jail for unstable adults who cause frequent troubles for the guards. They are kept their and given some medication before being released back into society. (Klimatjies are very tolerant) The methods of dealing with the Unstabled were limited at the time but progress was being made slowly but surely. Cyro discovered the Unstabled responded better when they were treated with kindness rather than force and violence which was no big surprise but most people didn't bother to show kindness towards them. Cyro made some progress and helped to make some chances to handling Unstables Methods. Cyro started doing this when he was 15 and by the time he was an adult, he was tasked with finding and capturing Snighter, a very powerful and unstable individual who escapes from his jail cell. After several weeks Cyro finally found him and successful captured Snighter. He brought Snighter back home with him and created a pocket dimension to keep Snighter in. He was able to make significant progress with Snighter rather quickly. Cyro still cares for Snighter. 

  • Listening to: Toneshifterz - Depth of Thought



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